La storia dell’arte

Though I’m not exactly what you’d call an art scholar, I know enough about it (i.e. art) to know that one of the interesting things about Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus (below) is the improbable angle at which Venus herself seems to be standing.

It’s my understanding that her posture here – not falling, but rather, seeming to hover with all of her weight to one side – is one peculiar to deities, who are not subject to the physical limitations of the mortals.

Which is why I wasn’t surprised at all to see this photo in my daily paper yestermorning:


You fill in the blanks, people.

3 thoughts on “La storia dell’arte

  1. I get the same feeling about Derek Jeter whenever he does one of his spin-jump-throws to first.

    Anyone who says sports isn’t art isn’t watching with their eyes open.

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