Good, Better, Rudy

While the Blazers’ last-second loss to Orlando last week was certainly heart-breaking, it did feature a moment I’d forgotten to celebrate at the time but would like to now. If you were watching, you probably know what I’m talking about, but if you weren’t then the thing you should know is that Rudy Fernandez, who we’ve maybe discussed briefly on this website, scored a 6-point basket.

I know what you’re probably saying is, “That’s not actually a thing that can happen in an NBA game” and you’re right in one sense: before last week’s game it had never happened. It’s just, in this one case, the referees decided that, on account of the amount of excellence Rudy demonstrated on this one particular shot, that it kinda deserved more points.

If you don’t believe me, look, here’s Fernandez celebrating his accomplishment:

QED, is all I’m sayin.

Moreover, I should add that, while this was unprecedented in an NBA game, it actually wasn’t the first time that Fernandez had been credited with a 6-point basket. Anyone who watched this summer’s Men’s Basketball Olympic Final between the USA and Spain will remember a similar occurrence and a similar (if slightly more frightening) reaction from Fernandez (pictured below).

Note that a similar gesture from Toronto Point Guard Jose Calderon (pictured below)

is not a celebration for the coveted 6-point basket (duh, he’s never scored one), but, in fact, just his way of preparing to make the still important, but slightly less coveted Junior Birdman face (pictured below).

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