Selected Aphorisms #17

The seventeenth installment in our jesuitical new series.

On January 28th, Rudy Fernandez made a behind-the-back pass of such an improbably spontaneous nature that it was difficult not to acknowledge the presence of God in the act.* So you could imagine anyone’s surprise when, on the front page the next day, there was a big news story about the economy, another one about the war, but not one mention of Rudy’s pass. Even the game report itself omitted to recognize the miracle! Maybe someone would say, “Why make a fuss? It’s only a game, it’s not important.” Not important? God makes Himself conspicuous, and it’s not important?! What does a deity gotta do around here to get a little press?

*Here. Around 0:47. (Try 0:27 and 1:42 while you’re at it.)

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