Idle Musing

While perusing the new electronic video version of the Oxford English Dictionary*, which I am prone to do on a Sunday afternoon, I noticed that the following two entries had the same video attached:

Those terms are “New Enthusiast demigod” and “man-cheetah”

Here’s the aforementioned video:

When he enters the New Enthusiast Hall of Fame his statue will look something like the 1:20 mark of the video.

*No such version exists to my knowledge.

One thought on “Idle Musing

  1. Usain is insane. Or thats at least what we used to say back in the hood. I kid, I kid…. mostly.

    None the less sir and/or sirs, is there an active way to contacting Mr. Cistulli? If so I would love to be “let in the loop”.

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