On the Proper Appreciation of the Sandwich

From the New Enthusiast FAQ:

Q: What is the proper appreciation of a sandwich?

A: When it comes to sandwich appreciation, there is no correct procedure. In this life, one must locate and cultivate one’s own jollies. If I were to do something totally nuts and generalize all sandwich appreciation, I would say it begins with direct contemplation of the “is-ness” of the sandwich: a realization that the sandwich is, and that which surrounds the sandwich is not sandwich. In a more elevated contemplation, one might be tempted to say that all is sandwich, and that that which is not sandwich simply does not register. Such non-dual awareness of sandwich, or oneness with sandwich, is an advanced state of attainment, but too often misses the point, which is lunch. So I say to the budding sandwich enthusiast: divide the world in two parts—that which is sandwich, and that which isn’t. Then do something about it.

3 thoughts on “On the Proper Appreciation of the Sandwich

  1. But what of pickles? On the sandwich, or do they stay to the side? And if so, are they part of the sandwich or not? Or should a third part be devised? That which is condiment.

  2. Allow me, if I may, to throw my two cents into the ring. A long admirer of sandwiches I finally took to doing something about my passion, and thus Club Sandwich was born. I feel all sandwiches are genuinely great – if someone has taken the time and effort to think about their bread-bordered lunch then it is worth appreciating. If you have a spare moment, come and have a look at my young, but blossoming, sandwich museum!


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