An Exegesis of Axl Rose’s Snarl

Axl Rose’s trademark, nasally snarl, his wondrous “Eeeeaaayyyooooooooeeehhh,” has afforded pleasure to his listeners for decades. However, fans are ever-perplexed when it comes to interpreting this sound. If one were to approach a Guns and Roses fan and ask, “Sir, what does Rose mean by ‘Eeeeaaayyyooooooooeeehhh’? I’m having difficulty unpacking it,” one would be met with, at best, a shrug.

After an epiphanic moment yesterday behind the wheel, with Rose on the radio, I now possess a possible analysis. When Rose intones “Eeeeaaayyyooooooooeeehhh,” he means to say this:

“Give me all the joys and pleasures that this life has to offer spread-eagle, and give them to me post-haste. It is Spring, and I pine for sweet congress with all that is! Nuance is nonsense, subtlety is folly, biggest is best, more is always more. If it is my desire, I shall eat an entire jar of Nutella with a spoon, without spreading it on anything!”


One thought on “An Exegesis of Axl Rose’s Snarl

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