The Curious Testimony

Two men, like you’d find in any city, recognized each other on the street and stopped to talk.

Here’s what the first said: “You get my email this weekend?” And here’s the second: “I wouldn’t know. I don’t check my emails.”

Mind you, this isn’t verbatim. It’s just how I heard it.

Now the first one talks again: “Don’t check your emails? What’s the point of having an account, then?” To which the second one replied: “Interesting. I never even considered that.”

Really, as I say, I can’t guarantee this was the exact specific exchange. I’m merely reporting how I understand the events to have unfolded.

But back to the story. What happened next is, is the first man I mentioned, apparently so overcome with surprise regarding the second one’s remarks — he burst into a spectacular red mist, covering everyone and -thing in the vicinity. Or, at least I’m led to believe.

As for the second man, he came and told me the story — which I now relate for the benefit of the Court.


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