Music to Avoid at a Bunga Bunga Party

Ani DiFranco (complete discography)


Berber music

“Gotta Jibboo” by Phish

Ornette Coleman’s groundbreaking 1960 release Free Jazz

Balinese gamelan

The Eagles (complete discography)

bootleg of Phish’s revered 12/31/95 show at the Madison Square Garden (—Visiting Coloradan Bogie Willis’s decision to play this resulted in the first non-sex-related Bunga Bunga casualty. RIP Bogie!)

Milton Friedman audiobooks

theme song to Reading Rainbow

Any of Vivaldi’s concerti for flautino—or any music featuring the flautino. Actually, even passing reference to the flautino is to be avoided. (The flautino, a high-pitched woodwind, a petite recorder, creates dangerous excitation in Silvio and prompts him to take liberties all but he later regrets. The last evening someone played a Vivaldi concerto for flautino at a Bunga Bunga party, all attractive individuals over age 14 within a surrounding 100 km radius awoke sore the next morning.)


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