Ten Questions That Absolutely Demanded Asking

Does my butt look fat in these pants?

Does my butt rival certain inventions by Leonardo?

Does Blimpie’s, do you know, have any locations on or around my butt?

Is my bullet hole full-on visible in this pair of new spandex?

Does a tan Chevy net its owner sweet poon on the reg?

Does Zack Morris get royalties, do you think, for appearing in sex dreams occasionally?

Does Blistex count as an aphrodisiac officially still these days?

Did they have hot yoga or not during the whole Kennedy Assassination thing?

Someone remind me: how many characters from The Facts of Life died horribly in the reunion show?

Sistah frends: how much cortisone do you use in a typical pasta-salad dish?


One thought on “Ten Questions That Absolutely Demanded Asking

  1. All actions in my life must past the test of the following two questions…..

    Will it get my girl in the mood quicker?

    Does it get my jimmy thicker?

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