Miscellaneous Excerpts from WHYY’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross, 4/1/2013

  • “Well, the anus, specifically, is the champion here.”
  • “And so I spent some time with a man who is – it’s called hooping – as in through the hoop.”
  • “I thought well, this would be a little strange to sit down with the man and talk about the things that he puts in his rectum. But, in fact, he was just like yeah, well, what do you want to know? So it was an interesting afternoon”
  • “So what are some of the things that he’s put there?”
  • “It was a magazine, tobacco pouch and spectacles. And I thought who puts that in their rectum?”
  • “Have you ever had a kind of growth or rash or something that your body has produced or done that is so incorrect looking and just so, like, fascinating and revolting at the same time that you just, it just kind of stopped you?”
  • “And it’s this colon that is as big around as my waist.”
  • “For example, a bracelet made of hemorrhoids, I think it was. Or maybe it was a necklace.”

Full transcript here.


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