from The Adventures of a Hot Oily Man

A hot oily man walked into a bar.

“Barkeep,” he gestured. “Draft.”

The lukewarm barman drew a cold beer and cautiously set it before the glistening patron.

A minute or so passed.

“You’re awful shiny,” the barman said.

“You’re right about that,” the hot oily man said.

The hot oily man took a sip of beer, relishing its relative coolness.

“If I may be so bold,” the barman said. “What happened?”

“Suntan lotion,” the oily man said. “Overzealous application.”

“As long as you’re not some kind of weirdo,” the barman said.

The two men laughed nervously—then, in perfect unison, stopped.

The hot oily man sipped the remainder of his beer in a decorous manner.


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