Three More, Different TV Pilots

As noted in a previous post, networks have begun announcing pilots for next season. Here are three even more recent ones.

A man must deal with the grim facts of his miserable life when, soon after waking from a 20-year coma, he’s informed that he’s a native of Orlando.

A man claims on his resume to possess a “mastery” of the entire MS Office Suite, when in fact he’s only really familiar with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. He’s later forced to take extraordinary measures when, after getting the job, he’s asked to complete a project that requires knowledge both of Access and InfoPath.

Finding it difficult to meet people after she begins working from home, a New York City woman in her early 30s turns to the world of online dating and the generally dreadful men who inhabit it. Bill Cosby guest stars as avuncular super.


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