This Season’s Pilots, Part Six

Three more recently announced television pilots.

Part: One / Two / Three / Four / Five.

A Jackass-style show in which a group of otherwise polite adult citizens perform acts that are almost against the law, like keeping to one extreme edge of (although never actually exiting) a crosswalk while traversing a busy city street, or waiting, like, a full three-to-four days before requesting a new driver’s license after reloacting to a different state.

A documentary-style program that records the awkward and slow process by which two heterosexual (and also generally white and middle-class) men establish a fraternal bond and attempt clumsily to share their feelings for one another.

A fantasy-genre sitcom in which a likable middle-class couple finds an affordable two-bedroom flat in a New York City neighborhood that hasn’t also contended with towering violent-crime figures in recent years.


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