This Season’s Pilots, Part Seven

Three more recently announced television pilots.

Part: One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six.


30-year-old hotel manager Brent Giuliano appears for jury duty, bracing himself to traverse its vast desert of boredom with the companionship of The Mammoth Book of Sudoku. After completing all Sudoku games in his book, despair encroaches. The day of civic obligation and Giuliano’s spirits are saved when, at the last moment, he realizes a fellow juror, one Darrin O’Brien, is the Canadian rapper Snow, whose hit single “Informer” provided much of his soundtrack for 1992. O’Brien does not want to address his early oeuvre, but Giuliano cannot be deterred.


The Aryan Nation of Northern Connecticut enters the green energy marketplace with its “Green Energy for White People” initiative. Designed to reach out to white/green liberals who harbor racial animus, the campaign is spearheaded by Wayne Terry, Grand Ofay of the ANNC and terrific bowler. The show follows Terry on his entrepreneurial adventure, which fails as his alcoholism blossoms.


Follow former Sea World employee and rogue animal trainer Wally Fluke as he brings his voracious pet seal Sir Snacks-A-Lot to various establishments that do not serve seals. Episode One: sushi bar. Episode Two: nursing home. Episode Three: oriental massage parlor. Episode Four: Alcoholics Anonymous. Episode Five: breastfeeding support group. Episode Six: water aerobics at YMCA. Episode Seven: Bunga-Bunga party. Episode Eight: summer residence of Louis Farrakhan. Episode Nine: Pyongyang.


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