A Hasty Endorsement for Lyricism in All Things

It’s either impossible or rare to extract pleasure from the contents of a lecture while also harboring a low opinion of the lecturer himself. The inverse arrangement, however — that is, to find a lecturer compelling while simultaneously possessing a lack of interest in the topic — this is quite common.

Are there grounds, probably, on which to dissent from the substance of these remarks? Probably. That said, one can’t spend the day in explanation.


2 thoughts on “A Hasty Endorsement for Lyricism in All Things

  1. I had an engineering professor with an utter lack of self awareness whom I considered absolutely hilarious in a very unwitting way. I had a low opinion of him, but enjoyed watching him make a fool of himself. And I CERTAINLY enjoyed the three A’s and paycheck as a teaching assistant that I got from the clown.
    I certainly see the case for the other arrangement, though. New York Knicks basketball was a goddamn travesty this year, but I tuned in to almost every game because color commentator Walt Frazier is a treasure, mixing sophisticated vocabulary with goofy rhyming catchphrases. I’ll tune in to listen to him talk about anything, even the Knicks’ slapstick mockery of the game of basketball.

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