A Violent Tale Including Zeno’s Paradox

On the first day of his long weekend at the casinos, Jones wagered and lost half his savings. On the second day, he wagered and lost half the remaining total. On the third day, he wagered and lost half of that, again.

Despite the poor results, Jones remained unconcerned. “How can you seem so happy?” his friend asked. “You lost almost 90% of all your money.”

“It’s Zeno’s Paradox,” replied Jones. “As long as I wager only half my savings, I can never lose the whole sum. I’m able to gamble forever without consequence!”

Unfortunately for Jones, his wife was familiar with this dichotomy, as well. When Jones walked through the door, she murdered him halfway. Then she murdered him halfway, again. Then again and again and again. She continued in this fashion for some time, until Jones was merely a lump on the ground.

At her trial, the prosecution called for an actual murder conviction, but it was difficult because Jones remained alive, if just barely. After that, I forget what happened, as a new project at work required more of my attention.


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