Concerning the Fowl of the Air, Their Limitations as a Model for Personal Conduct

I have beheld the fowl of the air, how they “neither sow nor reap.” I’ve also observed, however, that they “live outside” and “are under constant threat of attack from animals both wild and domestic.” For this reason, among others, I consider their utility as a model for personal conduct to be limited.

A Grievance Against the Present

Among the many reasons to be wary of the present: the conviction its occupants possess regarding its value. It’s inaccurate to suggest that everyone regards his own time as the most important, but it’s not inaccurate enough.

The Privilege of Squandering Great Miracles

Given the unlikelihood of being born at all, it seems logical that one would make every effort not to squander the great miracle of life.

Seems that way, yes. What this line of reason fails to account for, however, is that squandering great miracles itself represents a privilege unique to the living.