Non-Verbal Communication Throughout the Ages.

Gesture: Throwing both hands in the air 

Time period: Invention of firearms-2000:

Interpretation: “Please don’t shoot me!”

Gesture: Throwing both hands in the air 

Time Period: 2000-Present

Interpretation: “I’ve just finished plating my dishes on a competitive cooking television program!”

Press Release For The New “Weird” Al Yankovic Single.

After years of concentrating on more ephemeral content such as food and food, Yankovic is releasing a new single in early 2013 regarding the serious social ill of male insomnia. Additionally, the adventurous Yankovic will be plumbing into seminal goth-rock band, The Cure’s back catalog.

Using The Cure’s 1989 hit “Fascination Street” as a backdrop, Yankovic’s new single “Masturbation, Sleep” was written on a “sleepless night in mid-November…well a partial sleepless night in mid-November, if you know what I mean.” according to Yankovic.