On the Hazards of Dayn Perry’s Oeuvre

“A book is a postponed suicide,” writes Emil Cioran in The Trouble with Being Born. For the author, yes, perhaps it is. For the reader, however, certain books — like those produced by Dayn Perry, for example — certain books are known only to have ever hastened suicide.

Three Tolerable Aphorisms Regarding Wine and Its Consumption

As a guest at a dinner party, I’m among the very harshest of wine critics: if there’s not enough wine, I become critical.

Good wine is better than mediocre wine: that’s obvious. Mediocre wine is much better than no wine at all, however.

At the market yesterday, I wanted to buy the five-liter bottle of wine for €5. My wife, meanwhile, insisted on the 3/4-liter bottle for €6. Her palette is superior to mine, I concede that; her grasp of arithmetic, however, much worse.