Songs for Michael McDonald to Cover

Wicked Game

Man in the Mirror



Werewolves of London

Palmcorder Yajna

Brandenburg Concerto

On the Considerable Value of the Aphorism

The aphorism allows one to inhabit briefly a place characterized not by grotesque and vulgar ambition — nor the abuse of those who suffer from it — but by more palatable qualities: what one might call a divine insouciance, what one might call a wild humility. It allows one to fraternize with those who have not only accepted, but warmly embraced, defeat.

On Business School as Oxymoron

The English word school derives from the Greek scholē, meaning “leisure.”

The Latin negotium, meanwhile — a compound of nec (“not”) and ōtium (“leisure”) — was the Roman word for “business.”

Without much in way of etymological gymnastics, then, one finds that business school translates roughly to “not-leisure leisure.”

As to the effect this observation might have on the world, “minimal” is the most likely answer.

I would like to be remembered as one at ease with his futility.