The Privilege of Squandering Great Miracles

Given the unlikelihood of being born at all, it seems logical that one would make every effort not to squander the great miracle of life.

Seems that way, yes. What this line of reason fails to account for, however, is that squandering great miracles itself represents a privilege unique to the living.

How I Have Become an Expert Decision-Maker

In his Histories, Herodotus relates how the Persians would either make a decision while drunk and then review it while sober or make a decision while sober and then review it while drunk.

A student of the great texts, I find real value in this technique. Not only that, but I believe I have improved upon it. My solution? To remain always half-drunk and half-sober. That way, I can deliberate upon and also review important matters simultaneously. This is how I have become an expert decision-maker.

On Responsible Drinking Practices

I’m wary of those who feel compelled to wait for a certain hour before they start drinking for the day. It’s the sort of practice adopted by one afraid of his own appetites.

That’s why I endeavor to drink whenever I’m moved to do so. It’s merely one way in which I’ve committed to performing virtue.